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Dell Hell — Part 2

(This is a follow up to my original post called “My Time in Dell Hell”.)

When I heard that the computer had actually arrived in our office, I thought that I was done.  The folks in the office confirmed it was there on Friday, the 30th.  So we go into the office yesterday (Jan 2nd) to set up the system so it’s ready to go when we get back to the office today. 

There’s only one problem.  Dell shipped the wrong computer.  If you read my last post (My Time in Dell Hell) you realize what it took just to get the computer in my office.  Now it’s not even the right computer.  I have no idea how this could possible happen.  But it did.  What was consistent was the Dell response (or lack thereof). 

Yes, I was angry, but past being shocked or even outraged.  This experience was so bad; it was par for the course in dealing with Dell.

I found that I had emails for 10 people throughout the course of this endurance event.  So I emailed all 10 people and told them that they had sent the wrong machine.  Two hours later NOT ONE of them had replied.  Nice.

At the time I sent the emails, I again tweeted to @dellcares.  I finally got my response from a guy on their customer service team.  It was the same guy I had dealt with the previous week.  He said he was working on a solution.

I wait to see what going to happen next.  The @dellcares guys was one of the people I emailed, so I can’t count him, but NOT ONE of the other nine people that I emailed responded to me.  I did see a read receipt from one of the people, and he was in the customer service department!  How bad does it get when a customer service person won’t even respond to an email?

Finally I get a response from a generic email address in customer service.  In my original email that day, I tell them that they sent me the wrong model and express my disbelief that this order got screwed up, gave them my telephone number and asked someone to call me as soon as possible.  I get the following reply:

Good Afternoon Mr. Henry,

We appologize for the inconvinience, acording to our records your order was confirmed

as discussed with the sales rep, however if the system isn’t what you need we can process

a return for you. Please contact our Customer Care Department at 1-800-624-9897 

in order to request the return.

Once again, our appologies for the inconviniences.


Dell Outlet Store

First, note the typos (above is copied and pasted verbatim).  Then, after I tell them they I have the wrong model, they tell me that their records confirm what I received was what I discussed with the sales rep.  How could they possibly know that?  Then they give me a number to call, rather than them calling me.  Talk about horrendous customer service.  It’s like saying “you’re wrong because our records say so, so you can call us.” 

Meanwhile, the guy from @dellcares messages me and asks for the service tag of the machine I was sent and also asked me to work with him to identify the machine.  I ordered a mini tower and they sent a desktop, which is much smaller and doesn’t have the expansion slots/space we need.  We confirm that they did, indeed, send the wrong machine. 

He then emails me and tells me he has a solution.  They are going to get me the correct system and exchange it for the one they sent.  The only problem is that he doesn’t know how long it will take to have the system made, nor when I’ll receive it.  It could take up to seven business days. 

At least I have some solution and can see there is finally someone at Dell who is actually handling the problem.  As of the time I’m writing this, I still don’t know when I’m getting this computer.  One thing is for sure, it won’t be even in the ballpark of when I need it.

What’s more, NOT ONE person at Dell has called me.  I wrote a very long blog post detailing my experience and how bad it was in all departments.  Not one person has responded. 

From my perspective, it is clear that Dell doesn’t have a customer service department.  Yes, they may have people in a department the call “customer service”, but they don’t do anything to actually help customers.  In an effort to streamline their processes and what they call customer service, they created a system that makes it very difficult for the customer.  Their “system” may now save Dell money and streamline things for their internal team, but it is not designed to serve or help the customer. 

Dell is not alone.  Unfortunately this is a trend with other companies (credit card companies come to mind).  Rather than help customers, they train low-level, low-cost people to “deal with” customers, to handle them, and ultimately make them go away.  Unfortunately, this process may have a permanent effect.  Customers will simply stop buying from Dell or any company that treats them this way.  Why would anyone want to give money to a company that treats them poorly?

My story isn’t over; something tells me there will be more.  So, my time in Dell Hell continues.  I hope to get out of it soon…and permanently.